Single Build

"Trigger" BY "TankTheT4R"

Year: 2004    Make: Jeep    Model: Wrangler (TJ)


Trigger was my second vehicle but first offroad related vehicle. Trigger started my love for offroading. Trigger is my main wheeling rig but when I'm not wheeling him I'm wheeling Tank. I guess you could say that Tank is Trigger's sister from another mister lol. There's been quite a bit of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears (and cussing) put into this build.

#jeep #wrangler #jeeplife #femaledriven


Year Make Model Body Color Trim Drive Fuel Transmission
2004 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) SUV Electric Lime Green X Four Wheel Drive Gas Automatic Transmission


Category Name Description Tags Cost Status Install
Armor Diff Covers I chose Poison Spyder Bombshell diff covers front and rear. They're decently priced, look good, and do their job. #poisonspyder #bombshell $$ Done Install
Armor Steering Box skid Since the jeeps steering box was out front and wide open I decided to get a skid plate that way I wouldn't be bashing on it while wheeling. I went wit... #poisonspyder #jeep $$ Done Install
Armor Engine & transmission skid I went with Rusy's Offroad engine and transmission skid simply because someone was selling one for a good price on Facebook (I mean, who wouldn't pass... #rustysoffroad #jeep $$$ Done Install
Armor Transfer Case Skid Yet again got this off of Facebook for one helluva deal lol. Couldn't pass it up cause of what they were asking for it and I need some protection on t... #undercoverfabworks $$ Done Install
Armor Custom Front Bumper My front bumper was a backyard fab custom bumper. Someone gave us an old bumper off of their wrecked jeep and my boyfriend worked his magic to make my... #backyardfab #diy #custom $$ Done Install
Armor Rancho Rear Bumper Needed something else to hold my spare tire since the stock spare tire carrier wasn't cutting it anymore. Went with the Rancho rockGEAR because it was... #rancho #offroad $$$ Done Install
Suspension Shocks I went with the Terfalex Suspension 9550 VSS shocks for a 4" lift. I went with them cause the were decently priced and I had heard a lot of good thing... #teraflex $$ Done Install
Recovery Winch i went with the Smittybilt X2O winch with steel cable (for now). It's good quality for a good price. I haven't had a single issue out of it yet and ha... #smittybilt #x2o $$$ Done Install
Tires M/T Tires I'm running 32" Mickey Thompson Deegan 38s. They were some of the cheaper mud terrains I had found and I liked the look of them. Plus, I had heard goo... #mickeythompson #deegan38s #32s $$$ Done Install
Wheels TrailReady Beadlocks I had been looking for some wheels for the jeep for a while now. A guy in our local jeep group was selling some TrailReady wheels and some tires for a... #trbeadlocks $$ Done Install
Drivetrain SYE kit After I got the lift installed I had to get a SYE kit and new driveshafts due to the angles they were at. I decided to order a kit that included the S... #advanceadapters #sye $$$ Done Install
Drivetrain Adams Driveshafts (front & rear) I went with Adam's driveshafts due to the quality of them. If people can wheel on them and beat on them at KOH then I'm sure they'll be able to withst... 3adamsdriveshafts $$$ Done Install
Armor Artec lower control arm mounts I didn't really have a choice on this upgrade. I had to do it since the crappy stock lower control arm mounts took a crap on me. I went with Artec bec... #artecindustries $$ Done Install
Armor Synergy C-gussets Got these cheap from a friend of mine that was selling them since he didn't have his jeep anymore. It wasn't a needed upgrade but it was an upgrade th... #synergymfg $ Done Install
Suspension Rubicon Express Rear swaybar links I'm running the Rubicon Express rear swaybar extended links since I'm running a lift. They were a decent price and Rubicon Express is a good quality b... #rubiconexpress $ Done Install
Suspension Superlift lower control arms I went with Superlift Suspension lower control arms because it's a local company, they have good customer service, they're good quailty and they're a ... #superliftsuspension $$$ Done Install
Miscellaneous Rugged Ridge HD tie rod I needed a new tie rod due to the fact my stock one was slightly bent. I went with the rugged ridge hd tie rod because it's beefiet than stock but it ... #ruggedridge $$ Done Install
Armor Front Fenders Found a hell of a deal on some of the Poison Spyder front fenders. They are one of the first "models" of them made but they still perform exactly the ... #poisonspyder $$$ Done Install
Armor Rear Corner Armor Along with the front fenders, I also got a hell of a deal on some Poison Spyder rear corner armor. The armor is is also 3/16" steel and bolt on. You h... #poisonspyder #armor $$$ Done Install
Armor Sliders I'm unknown of the brand but I got them for $40 off of a guy on Facebook and they've definitely done their job. They've given me the extra protection ... #sliders $$ Done Install
Lighting Brake lights Replaced my stock square, bulky taillights with Truck Lite round brake lights you can buy through poison spyder. They give the jeep a cleaner, sleeker... #poisonspyder #trucklite $ Done Install
Lighting Reverse lights When I replaced the taillights I had to replace the reverse lights as well since the stock lights are both the brake and reverse lights in one. I went... #poisonspyder #trucklite $ Done Install


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