Single Build


Year: 2006    Make: Toyota    Model: Tacoma


Been working hard, day in and day out to build this rig. This is my daily driving Long Travel Toyota Tacoma. Challenges do occur with it being my daily driver, for example I can't really do any project that take longer than two days because I need to go to work. For the 2020 Year I am hoping to get a new Daily Driver so this truck can take the next step in the right direction. Hope you enjoy watching the progress as much as I do.

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Year Make Model Body Color Trim Drive Fuel Transmission
2006 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Matte Military Green Prerunner Rear Wheel Drive Gas Automatic Transmission


Category Name Description Tags Cost Status Install
Wheels VTX - ROGUE Wanted to gain the look of bead-locks and wanted a color that was truly different than the common truck owner. Great quality and customer service as w... #17s #35s #rogue $$$ Done Install
Tires Treadwright A/T Now tires are expensive, typically a set of four is $1200 but I got all five of my treadwright's for $900. Now of course, you get what you pay for, t... #35s #AT #Warden $$ Done Install
Suspension Locked Offroad 8" Coilovers Amazing company run by an amazing family. Quality suspension without breaking the bank. Nothing is better than driving over the desert and feeling lik... #8 #coilover #longtravel $$$ Done Install
Suspension Locked Offroad 18" Bypass Amazing company run by an amazing family. Quality suspension without breaking the bank. Nothing is better than driving over the desert and feeling lik... #18 #bypass $$$ Done Install
Suspension BTF Longtravel 4.5" Yes, longtravel is expensive but BTF makes it possible for anyone to achieve it on their rig. Amazing work and people putting out this quality product... #longtravel #4.5 $$ Done Install
Suspension Camburg Bedcage When mapping out the way I wanted to assemble the rear suspension for the longtravel, I wanted to look for easiest and shortest period of time I would... #longtravel #bedcage #Bolton $$$ Done Install
Suspension Camburg Spring-Under Kit Just like the Camburg bedcage. This kit is a bolt on kit that saved me money and time in labor. Yes it's more expensive than some other kits but I am ... #springunder #longtravel $$$ Done Install
Armor Front Bumper Was looking for bumper that truly fit my style truck. I like the plated bumper to show protection but also the tubed style bumper. Found Nick on Insta... #sicknicksfab $$ Done Install
Lighting LED Lights I have a 50" Curved LED Bar and 6 3x2 Pods. Top notch products that were truly plug and play for my truck. Great output and truly reliable. Any time I... #Caliraised $$ Removed Install
Cosmetic Wrap So I had Fiberglass fenders that were white and silver cab. I wanted to gain one full color and a color that wasn't out there to often. I contacted wr... #colorchange #3m $$$ Done Install
Cosmetic Raptor Grille By far the best grilles in the market because of all the ways this company can customize and make it fit your style. Again, it's another product on my... #Raptor #Toyota $$ Done Install
Lighting Spyder Headlights These are by far the best looking headlights for the 2nd gen tacoma. Great output of light and extremely easy to install. Plug and Play style. I bough... #tacomabeast #spyder $$$$ Removed Install
Lighting Spyder Tail Lights To match the headlights, you got to get the tail lights. Yes they are expensive but I think well worth it. I also did the color scheme to these and ad... #Tacomabeast #Spyder $$$$ Removed Install
Exterior McNeil Fiberglass 4" There are a few options for Fiberglass and I was never sure who to go with but I knew I wanted size and body lines to look crisp. I read all the forum... #front #rear #fenders #fiberglass $$$ Done Install
Communication Midland MXT400 Communication is one of the biggest things to have when off-roading. Midland is a great company that helps achieve great communication. I also have th... #Midland #CB #Communication $$$ Done Install
Interior Expedition Essentials Track Mount Looking for a clean display to hold your communication devices without taking your eyes off the road. This track mount will help you achieve it. #Phonemount #ram #67 $$ Done Install
Audio Alpine ILX-W650 I love apple carplay. With me driving so much and visiting new areas. My phone is constantly being used for navigation and apple carplay allows me to ... #Applecarplay $$ Done Install
Audio Cerwin-Vega 10" SUB I love my music and a little bass always help. I am not a huge fan of a box taking up space in the truck, so I went with a powered subwoofer that fits... #subwoofer #10 #bass $ Done Install
Communication Expedition Essentials Mic Mount 100% recommend to a friend. This has already been a huge help keeping the truck clean and not having to worry about "Where's the mic?" At all times I ... #CB #GSMR #Trackmount $$ Done Install


Type Title Tags Detail
Story Fix It Ticket #California #tint #Plate #mudflaps So I was on my way to work on a typical Wednesday morning. I pulled up to an intersection and a cop was at the light on the right hand side turning to...
Story Water Leaking #water #Leak #Seal First rain of the year and of course I have a few leaks in the cab. First it was the back window leaking because we jumped the truck and shook the gla...
Update Water Leaking Leads to More #Project #Ongoing #Interior #Cage As previously talked about, the interior of the truck has been completely stripped out do to water leaking into the cab. Well of course once one proje...